Jules Prast


Jules Prast (1961) is a Dutch historian, author and columnist.

He graduated in 1988 from Free University Amsterdam with a master’s degree in modern history and from University of Amsterdam with a master’s degree in mass communication.

He then served as a commissioned officer in the Dutch air force, teaching future military leaders about history and international relations.

Subsequently he worked in communcation positions, first in the Ministry of Finance, then at ABN Amro Bank (global head of media relations) and finally at Royal Philips Electronics (global head of communications).

When he was diagnosed with sarcoidosis, a chronic inflammatory disease, in 2007 he had to cut short his career and change course in life.

Now fully disabled, he leads a life of resting and writing articles and columns.

In 2016 he resumed his prior academic research into the history of De Standaard, founded in 1872 as the first political daily in the Netherlands, affiliated with the anti-revolutionairy movement of Abraham Kuyper, a Dutch reformed church leader and future prime minister (1901-1905).

In 2018 Jules published his first book, titled De mannen achter De Standaard : geschiedenis van een antirevolutionair dagblad (‘The Men behind De Standaard : A History of an Anti-Revolutionary Newspaper’).